The second book in the Jackson adventure series is The Flying Artist. It will be a top-spiral-bound coloring book like Making Marks on the World. Our protagonist, Jackson, is planning an airplane trip, and is a little nervous about flying alone. He uses his love of drawing/painting to calm the butterflies in his tummy and to teach himself everything he can about airplanes.His exploration goes through the history, the physics, and the flight personel, while readers color along with him.

Expected release: October 2017


I'm working on Agent H20 Rides the Water Cycle, a colorfully illustrated story about a water drop who is a secret agent, named Agent H2O. His adventures, disguises, and travel make an exciting romp through the water cycle. It's a fun story, that also teaches about evaporation condensation, precipitation, pollution and more.  

Expected release: September 2017


I'm also illustrating Rose Colored, a book for an award-winning author, Brian Smith. It's about a young girl's awakening to the beauty of cultural diversity.

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